We all know that Bitcoin witnessed boom and bust cycles in 2017 - But do we know the real secret behind the success of Bitcoin? Blockchain has transformed the Bitcoin market and is set to change how banks function is the coming years.

There is no denying that the future belongs to the forward-thinkers and Crytpov8 has come out as a leader when it comes to the Crypto/Digital Native bank. We all have seen how the success of Cryptov8 has changed the banking system, but we all missed the real hands that took the blockchain to this level. These are the torch-bearers and forward-thinkers responsible for it -

Executive team behind the success of Crypto -

1. Jacob Christiansen

Jacob is the chief executive officer at crypto8 and holds an experience of 20 years in fintech and banking industry. He is highly competitive when it comes to developing business. The combination of management skills and fintech experience makes him an integral part of the organization. He has proved it by building a strong relationship and managing major projects with some of the most promising banks of the world. The list includes banks like HSBC, Danske Bank, Tesco and lot more have praised him for advising related to digital transformation. Therefore he holds an MBA degree and is a certified banker.

2. Jonathan Atkinson

Jonathan is the chief information manager at crypto8. He has an experience of 20 years in fintech industry. An experienced sales expert with fantastic business sense makes him an asset to digital banking era. Worked with more than 30 banks in Europe with successfully delivering the projects along with consulting them related to digital transformations. He has been involved in technologies like mobile payment, artificial intelligence, banking application and integrating it with blockchain for improved security and advance banking methods.

3. Ian Rogers

Ian is the chief technology officer at cyrpto8. A tech geek and blockchain enthusiast has 20 years of experience in financial services. He has played significant roles for institutions like JP Morgan, HSBC, American express and lot more. Worked with many authorities and guided then related to technical matters. Apart from being a tech guy he has worked for 16 years as a business consultant and service manager.

4. Paul Miles

Paul is the chief operating officer at crypto8. He is a banking professional with 30 years of experience in the corporate environment. Being a chartered accountant, Paul has responsibility for finance, risk management and generating business leads. His expertise in accounts made him among the four big accountants of the UK.

5. Richard Wailes

Richard has 15 years of experience in chartered accounting and is presently working as the chief financial officer in crypto8. He held the position of senior manager in various banks and even worked as a consultant in different companies. His central core is bank start-ups and resulted in setting a subsidiary bank in London.

6. Phil Guest

With an experience of 30 years in media and technology, Phil now holds a very prominent position of the chief revenue officer in crypto8. He has developed various marketing strategies for some of the leading advertisement companies in the world.

Except these, he worked with start-ups in gaming, advertisement, and social media sector. He is a very enthusiast, and a workaholic person likes to explore new boundaries.


Without these professional digital banking would have only been a name in the industry of banks. Their strategies and hard work have revolutionaries the banking system.

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