Can it really be so easy?

Sometimes it’s difficult to exchange crypto and fiats in the Internet. If you use the «cool» service with cobwebs of functionality. It seems that applications are processed automatically and there is a variety of exchange directions… And you still get stuck in the exchanger for 40 minutes trying to figure out where the entrance is and where to put the money.

They say that simplEXchange is so much easier than that so the currency conversion is made here simply and quickly. We’re gonna check that! But for now, here’s the information that is known about the platform:

- Exchanger was established in 2015.
- It works round the clock.
- Application processing is made in a manual mode.
- Supported cryptocurrencies – bitok, ether, Monero, BCH, LTC, XRP.

No! There’s something wrong with this exchanger! There must be the catch somewhere or pitfalls or some skeleton in the cupboard. Let’s find it!

Outstanding possibilities of this service

Peculiar properties of the exchanger, which distinguish it from the competitors.

What simplEXchange can brag about:

- In-house engine.
- User’s feature-rich personal account.
- Doesn’t have its own commission – the exchange is made at the specified exchange rate.
- Conversion rate is in the open place of the site – section of main menu with the same title.

- Cumulative discount system for users – the more you convert into simplEXchange, the higher the discount is.

- Exchanger’s own thread at the thematic forum.
- This platform is certified by McAfee SECURE.

Now let’s test the functionality of this service in action!

Exchange simply at simplEXchange

Sign up in order to get access to all possibilities of the exchanger:

- Click «Sign up» at the main page.

- Fill in the fields of the form – your login, email, password and check code.

- Send it for processing – click «Sign up».
- Then you get a letter with the link to validate your email. Click that link.

Registration in simplEXchange is needed to activate the bonus program. And to speed up the exchange process.

Written payment details are preserved and they will be automatically put during the next conversion.

How the exchange is made:

- Go to the site and sign in.
- Go to the tab «Start the exchange».

- Fill in the fields of exchange forms – sum of currency, which you give and your purse number for the charge-off. Write your full name, email and phone number in the last field.

Exchange rate and reserve of funds can be seen in the exchange form right away.

- Click «Create».

Note that simplEXchange operator processes the applications for the cryptocurrency exchange only after the receipt of all confirmations from blockchain.

- Transfer bitcoins to the specified purse and click «Pay».
Application will be processed in 15 min.
- Check the status of the application – after the service gets money and transaction processing, value in the field «Application status» will be changed to «Paid». This means that exchange currency is transferred into your account.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents of personal account of simplEXchange user. Indications are that there is an affiliate program at the service. Here are the sections with promo, banner code and description of affiliate account. Let's see what’s there.

Are you kidding me? Only 2% for following the referral link!

Oh! That’s the minimum percent. You can get up to 30% of service profit in simplEXchange for user involvement.

Affiliate percent depends on the amount of money, which the involved users converted using the   exchanger.

What are people saying in the Internet?

There is a lot of positive reviews about simplEXchange. Users compliment the exchanger for personnel’s quickness and speed of conversion. Typically, conversion takes 10-30 minutes.

SimplEXchange is the honest exchanger, which has been working in the market for four years. Its personnel is responsive and the functionality is understandable. In general, this service is fully in line with the meaning of its name – «simple exchange»!