e-commerce market

The e-commerce market is growing by 15% annually. And if in 2017 the world turnover of Internet sales was $ 1.8 trillion, then in 2021 this figure will exceed $ 4 trillion. Which projects will be in demand among buyers in the next 5 years.

1. Universal marketplace

Consumers want to buy absolutely everything in one place: food, clothes air tickets, garden accessories, furniture and more. That's why both large trading giants and smaller online megamollas are striving to universalize the product line. "Today, Mambo24 sells more than 2 million items, sells air tickets from 300 leading airlines in the world, and operates food delivery services from 300 restaurants," said Emin Garayev. "Today our project is unique for many countries."

2. Using cryptocurrency

The global economy remains unstable. In the future, online stores will use the blockchain and the cryptocurrency. Already today, there is a trend to release its own cryptocurrencies by online megamalls.

"Payment by cryptocurrencies has a number of benefits: independence from the exchange rate of world currencies, the ability to pay for purchases in a single currency, which is especially important for online stores that operate in several countries at once," Emin Garayev said. - We also create our own currency Mambocoin (mbc), which will allow buyers from all countries of the project's presence to pay for purchases with a single cryptocurrency, to get more discounts. In addition, we intend to open loan line in mambocoin. Our customers will be able to buy goods on loan"

In addition, the use of cryptocurrency is beneficial to the customers themselves. First, there are no bank charges. Secondly, payment takes place instantly.

Attractive loyalty programs

Although many offline and online stores also implement their loyalty programs, but their action is usually limited to one store. We have more variety, says Emin Garayev. - For example, a user buys clothes, equipment on a platform and receives a cashback mambocoin account. Accumulated mbc can pay for the delivery of food, air tickets or the purchase of other goods. "

The user of such marketplaces has more opportunities for using bonuses and cashback.

Virtual Reality in Action

it is not enough for buyers to see the goods in the picture. They want to try on, look at the thing on themselves or imagine themselves in a particular situation. Therefore, technologies of virtual and augmented reality will be in demand. Mambo24 plans to introduce a "virtual fitting room" as early as 2020 to make shopping for its customers even more practical.

Fast shipping

In a competitive race, will win those services, which will be able to offer not only a favorable price, but also a fast shipping. Wait  for weeks shipping is not convenient. Therefore, even today, online stores must offer their own version of fast and safety shipping. "We solved the problem - with the creation of peer-2-peer (P2P) logistics, which will accelerate the delivery of goods," says Emin Garayev.

Now Mambo24 presents project Mambocoin (MBC) and planning ICO. The company plans to create its own eco-system, which will make purchasing convenient, useful, safe, and investment in the project - profitable. To learn more about the project, you can on mb24.io.